Flash Chromatography

Aquilant Scientific sell and support Teledyne ISCO's market leading CombiFlash™ flash chromatography equipment. You can access a complete range of instruments from the simplest manual system to the world's first Parallel Purification system with on-line UV detection, including...


For the wide variety of automation needs in today's laboratories, Aquilant Scientific offer a range of approaches from standard automation packages for on-line SPE, to flexible XYZ robotic samplers that offer you a high degree of customisation. We can automate sample prep on ...

Precision Fluid Delivery

So, you want to pump bitumen at 6000psi and 200nl/min - no problem! We provide a range of pumps which can handle the widest conceivable range of fluids from highly viscous ones, like bitumen, to Supercritical Fluids such as CO2, covering everything in between. Applications I...


Presearch offers an effective and diverse range of separation science products for separations scientists, including specialist Liquid handling solutions, Chromatography consumables and columns for LC-MS, HPLC, GC/GC-MS and Nano LC.

Flow Chemistry

Perform faster, safer and more selective chemistries with our range of microscale flow instruments

Pharmaceutical Tablet Testing

Manual/automated dissolution testing systems, sample prep workstations for content uniformity and assay testing, and tablet testing instruments for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biopharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.

Liquid Chromatography

KNAUER are one of the well-established manufacturers of HPLC instruments, SMB systems, and osmometers. Their product portfolio includes extremely compact HPLC solutions, UHPLC systems for high-resolution analysis, preparative HPLC instruments, and process LC equipment.


Proteomics relies on the little things in life, as well as some of the larger ones, to make it successful. We have assembled a range of products for you including columns, traps, tubing and fittings. We have everything you need to get the separations you want including specia...

General Laboratory

We can provide a range of equipment for your laboratory needs, including safety products to ensure a safer working environment.


This discipline is of increasing interest to many of you. We currently offer a range of consumables from Upchurch and some very interesting pumping products from Global FIA, capable of delivering flows from 6nl to 50ml/min.

04 FEBRUARY 2015

Syringe Pump News Flash: New Pump Control for Ethernet/USB from Teledyne Isco



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