H-Cube Pro™

Higher throughput, greater reactivity, expanded chemistry capability

The H-Cube Pro™ is the next generation version of the number one selling flow reactor, the H-Cube®. The H-Cube Pro™ takes the best of the H-Cube®, such as fast reactions, safe high pressure hydrogen generation from water, catalyst cartridges, and ease of use, and improves upon it dramatically. The H- Cube Pro™ offers greater hydrogen production for higher throughput, wider temperature capability including - for the first time - active cooling for more selective reactions, and an all new graphical interface with real time reaction monitoring/data logging and method storage capabilities.

In addition to expanding upon the range and throughput of hydrogenation reactions, the H-Cube Pro™ is also completely forward-compatible with several upcoming low cost reactor modules to expand the chemistry capabilities still further. Chemists can look forward to utilising other gases such as carbon monoxide, oxygen, or Syngas with the H-Cube Pro™. Another module allows homogeneous reactions to be performed at higher than microwave temperatures and pressures.
  • Higher Throughput
  • Wider Temperature Range
  • Intelligent Software
  • Green Chemistry

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